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Blowjobs from Rin Matsuoka more like


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#q we have another destination


Turns out that Samezuka Gakuen is modeled after Kinki University (now renamed Kindai University) in Osaka.

The information was shared on the university’s website as well as their twitter, and fans have already paid pilgrimage to the site.

It’s fitting that the swimming powerhouse is based on this uni, as it happens to be the alma mater of a number of Japanese athletes, including swimmers.

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momotori don’t meet sourin’s eyes for the entire week (。-_-。)

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Celebrating moe sleeves on twitter. No one wants to listen to you be disgusting with your boyfriend Rin.

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#this is probably the only sosuharu i will reblog
#cuz its hillarious


I think he’d be faintly embarrassed too. Even worse if Rin’s there. Oh my god. Is this really happening

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(  ’ ∀ ‘)eh???

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Σ(゜ロ゜;) Don’t leave the flash on, Rin.

I draw too many selfies, stop me

And Rin is obviously getting revenge on Haru for shoving his knee in his ass last season

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paused at the wrong moment o_o


paused at the wrong moment o_o