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And all was good :)

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i’m SURE haru could draw a better dick than that if he wanted to tho

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some pictures from Iwami squid festival today

didn’t take much pictures of the locations today, it was too busy. iwami is such a beautiful lovely place! why would haru and makoto ever want to leave omg they should just stay in their hometown forever


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just gonna take this episode as proof that haruka is completely losing his mind without makoto

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Free! ES: Episode 12



That’s my only word for it. Fucking bullshit.


The fact that it has been such a thing all season that Haru specifically does NOT want to swim competitively (casually yes, but not pro), and then they take that and change his fucking character so much in the span of just one damn episode?? Bull. Fucking. Shit.

And as far as the Rinharu stuff, I was actually okay with it. I ship Makoharu to death, but Rinharu is a serious brOTP of mine, so I enjoyed them being together. Hell, I was laughing at the bed scene. HOWEVER. Also making it that Rin needs Haru in order to do well in swimming? Really?? Come on, give him more credit than that! He’s come a long way in terms of character development, and that’s basically being thrown out the window just to make it seem as if he can’t swim at his best without Haru.

Finally, that preview sucked in my opinion. I realize they may not want to show much more, but still. It’s the one preview this season that doesn’t make me look forward to next week. Also, if the do not have a specific time for Makoto and Haru to be ALONE together and actually have a real TALK about what happened I am going to be fucking pissed. Whether you ship them or not that’s just not the kind of thing that’s acceptable. Haru said it himself: it was their FIRST FIGHT. If they seriously just make it a “Nah, it’s okay! We’re good,” thing that is extremely lazy writing on their part, and I will be extremely disappointed.

Next week is the final episode of the season, and for them to be able to effectively have Nationals along with tying up all other loose ends is going to take a miracle in my opinion. And frankly, I no longer have high expectations.

In summary, my reaction to episode 12 is as follows:


Also, can we PLEASE have a good, meaningful Makorin talk next episode? For fuck’s sake…

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ok everyone calm down. this is definitly not a face of a clear thinking person. haru was probably so depressed and moody rin had to slip something in his drink when he wasnt looking. so next episode when he comes down from whatever he’s on and makes up with makoto he will just look back at this moment and be very embarrassed and will go back sulking in his bathtub for the rest of his life

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shit im so fucking angry. if haru IS going pro WHY they did this dumbish pointless thing called 9 episode???? what the heck. eventually all of this doesnt make any sense now. MAGIC TIME! HARU STARTED LIKING THE IDEA OF PROSWIMMING BCS HE’S SEEN THE FUCKING POOL. ok. t-thhanks, kyoani…..

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that was the dumbest episode ever. character development down the trash. wow

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In case anyone thought i wasn’t serious about the makoharu shirt. The message was delivered! They laughed and said they will try. I’m hopefull